Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend Pictures

It was a beautiful Saturday morning at the park

Our Sunday Outing....

So Happy!

I can't believe I'm even adding this ( I hate bugs)
 but this was such an odd looking/colored one.

Our view on the drive out

Monday, July 30, 2012

25 weeks

How big is baby this week:  size of a cauliflower


Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: At the doctor's office today + 5lbs from starting weight

Symptoms: Things have started to be come uncomfortable. Decent amount of pressure in my lower stomach and aches in my lower back. 

Sleep: Sleeping is just ok. Mosby continutes to want to sleep with us. I can't seem to get very comfortable so end up tossing and turning a lot through the night...baby must get really dizzy.

I am loving: My friend Janelle gave me a bunch of her maternity clothes and also suggested getting the Gap Maternity tees. I love them! I got one in black and one in white. They are can be dressed up or down, super comfy, long, and show off the baby bump very nicely. I'm also really enjoying our weekends.

I miss: Sleeping on my back

I am spazzing about: I've started to think more about the delivery which makes me a little anxious and nervous. After going to the doctor today I felt a little more at ease and have planned to set up a time to meet with some friends of ours who did a water birth at home to discuss techniques and any insight. Dr. told us just to be as overly prepared as we can. Bryan and I plan to put together our hospital binder here in the next couple weeks that will include our birth plans.

I am looking forward to: Getting a crib ordered and the nursery set up. We found another crib and changing table/dresser set that we like and is priced great compared to the other one I had picked out/ordered from Pottery Barn. I'm also getting excited about our trip to Michigan in a couple weeks to visit our friends Julie and Adam!

Movements: Baby has become very active; lots of kicking and moving around. This weekend was the first time I noticed the kicks on the outside of my stomach. Maybe we have a soccer player to be?? :)

It's a....: Boy or Girl??

Monday, July 23, 2012

24 Weeks

How big is baby this week:  size of a cantaloupe


Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: +5.5 lbs from starting weight.

Symptoms: Feeling great! I'm anticipating back aches will be arriving anytime.

Cravings:  I may remove this category next week until I start craving something different. I will always have a love for fruits and sweets specifically chocolate.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. Mosby for some reason has decided he wants to sleep with us again here and there and when he does I hardly sleep at all. He wants to sleep right up against me which I love for the first half hour then he is just too warm and I have no room. We may have to make both of the dogs sleep out on the couch here soon otherwise I just won't get much sleep.

I am loving: Life is good!

I am spazzing about: Minor spazzing just that we are at the 6 month mark and that baby will be here sooo soon it seems! Also, just a little frustrated that the crib/changing table didn't work out as ordered. Oh well, maybe I'll find something cheaper. I went to sign up for the birthing class and the dates they have scheduled are September 8th (date of our shower) and November 10 (way too close to baby's due date). So now not so sure what classes we are going to do. Need to figure out soon.

I am looking forward to: The month of August, doc appointment next Monday and Fall!

Movements: Baby kicks regularly throughout the day. Kicks keep getting stronger but nothing that is painful or uncomfortable yet.

Milestones: Grandma and Grandpa Emerson got to see "baby bump" in person this week.

It's a....: Park is officially rented and mom is finalizing the invitations. I've started to look at some clothing and am getting anxious to know whether I can buy cute boy or girl stuff! I had a dream this past week where baby was actually born and was a girl. It was such a weird dream she was born and we swaddled her in blankets and took lots of pics and then they told us we had to put her back in because she wasn't developed enough.

Weekend in Review

Why do the weekends go by so fast??

For my half day on Friday I had a Philanthropy Event downtown STL helping out at the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation as part of our Intern/Mentor Summer Program. It was a pretty quick morning and was enjoyable to hangout with some of the other intern/mentors of the program while learning a little bit about juvenile arthritis.

We were having the baby's changing table delivered that morning so my mom thankfully was nice enough to stay at the house until they did. Unfortunately, I will be sending the product back. I think it looks great product quality wise but it's not white and that's what I wanted. Pottery Barn has 4 different white finishes and I ordered Simply White their most true, clean white finish. This is what it looked like.....
This looks like it's ivory or cream toned to me.
Especially next to the white chair railing.

Apparently, PB does not sell a true white color finish at all. I told them they needed to update their descriptions because it's very deceiving. So, on the look out for another crib/dresser set.

The boys fighting over an ice cube outside on the patio.
 Saturday morning Bryan enjoyed a short round of golf while I took the dogs on a Starbucks run.

Jaxson was looking for the puppy whip
they sometimes will give out at Starbucks. 
Sorry, boy they didn't this time.

I decided to try something new a vanilla chai latte
thanks to my sis, Rebecca for the recommendation.
Very tasty but definitely a little rich.

Saturday evening we had a great time having dinner at the Ng's house. Grilled filets, chicken, veggies and homemade biscotti with coffee.

The boys taking a nap before heading over to the Ng's
Weekend Bump
Sunday we got up early to watch the British Open. I admit I actually enjoyed watching. Sarah came over and we took the dogs out to the Winfield area, picked up ice cream cones on the way and walked around the Dam area.

SOOO excited to get out of the house!

Down by the Dam

The dogs got Hot and Exhausted fast!!
Temps on Sunday were back up to 103
with Heat Advisory for the week.

Afterwards we watched 3 of the bizzarrest movies ever! We each picked one off of Netflix....not sure why all three of us picked one from the Thriller section. If you dare to see them here is this list.

1. The Perfect Host (2010)- with David Hyde Pierce who was a schizophrenic. (My Pick)
The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane  (1976)- with Jodie Foster who is a 13 yr old girl hiding a secret in her cellar. (Sarah's Pick)
3. Session 9 (2001)- with David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle, and Josh Lucas an asbestos cleaning crew working on an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past. (Bryan's Pick)

The most bizzare was probably the first one but it was also my favorite out of the three.

Monday, July 16, 2012


My sides with breakfast....3 calcium supplements, 2 probiotics, 2 Juice Plus Veggie and 2 Juice Plus Fruit Supplements. Prenatals and Omega 3's taken before bed. Making sure baby gets all the nutrients necessary. :)

Basenji Pictures

Keeping their eyes on something....

The squirrels and birds are just messing
with the dogs lately.

Little Jaxson

23 Weeks

How big is baby this week:  size of a grapefruit!


Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: +3.5 lbs from starting weight.

Symptoms: Feeling great! I'm feeling very grateful that I have had rarely any pregnancy sypmtoms so far.

Cravings: Fruit and chocolate. I have a feeling these cravings won't go away. :)

Sleep: I didn't sleep very well for part of last week due to Bryan being out of town for a work Seminar in Chicago....I slept great though Saturday and Sunday night once he returned!

I am loving: My skin has benefited for the positive with being pregnant. My skin feels smooth and easier to take care of. Agani, I'm also loving how Bryan takes care of me, baby and the dogs. He makes sure I have plenty of fruits and veggies in the house, will get the occassional sweet item when I feel the craving,  reminds me I need to take my supplements/vitamins, takes the dogs for a walk/park when we can't go together, plus all the other things he does!

I am spazzing about: No spazzing last week.

I am looking forward to: The month of August, we have fun and busy weekends ahead. I love summer but this year it's just been way too hot already. I'm ready for Fall. Next doctor's appointment is in 2 weeks.

Movements: Baby kicks regularly throughout the day. My sister, Becca was able to feel baby kick while she was home this past weekend. Her reaction was pretty cute and funny. She squealed and jumped! :)

Milestones: Based on bump.com Baby is now listening to my voice and heartbeat -- and even to loud sounds like cars honking and dogs barking. We love having Mosby baroo (since the boys don't bark) I love that baby can now hear it and he/she can get used the sound.

It's a....: Sister is in final stages of getting things ready for the baby shower in September .....we hope to have invitations sent out fairly seen. So the countdown begins....note # of days on side of blog.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Angel Wings

I know I'm thinking way ahead here but I was looking at newborn photos to get ideas for later. I absolutely love this shot and totally want to do something very similar once Baby E is born.


4th of July bump

Monday- 22 week bump...
.I feel like it doubled in just a few days
and only 0.5 lbs more. Maybe it's just the dress, lol.

The boys watching tv with me
I had fun on Friday going to the container store
with my mom and putting together
the two leaning bookshelves here in our room.
I love them! It's nice to get things organized.

Mosby and Jaxson just chilling outside
before we were suppose to get a big storm on Sunday night
 and some relief from the hot temps!

22 weeks

How big is baby this week:  size of a papaya!


Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: +3.5 lbs from starting weight. Why does the extra 0.5 lbs feel and look like 10 lbs!?

Symptoms: Felt really good all week. Extra spurts of energy here and there and feeling very bloated.

Cravings: Fruit and chocolate. I ate a piece of red velvet cheesecake this weekend from the cheesecake factory (my favorite dessert) and I think Baby E liked it too......I felt a happy dance in my belly. Haha!

Sleep: Sleeping ok. I'm still having weird dreams. Starting to toss and turn a little. I can't stay comfortable for too long on one side.

I am loving: Bryan wasn't as excited about his anniversary present as much as I was hoping. I got him a faux brown leather bag that could be his "daddy" diaper bag with some Husker baby gear (newborn hat and pacifiers), and a bib that said I love my chiropractor in it. He liked the baby items but not the bag, maybe he'll change his mind once baby comes or I'll just end up using it. :) I loved the gift he got me though.....a tv for our bedroom.

I am spazzing about: Just realizing that baby will be here in about 4 months and that is not far away!

I am looking forward to: My sister being home for a short period of time this weekend and hopefully getting to see Bryan's parents this upcoming week when they drive through MO on a trip.

Movements: Baby kicks pretty regularly throughout the day.

Milestones: Dresser/Changing table has been ordered while the crib is on backorder. Should be able to start doing stuff to the nursery soon.

It's a....: Bryan thinks we are having a girl. I still don't have a feeling if it's boy or girl. It's been really fun to hear what people think we are having and their reasonings behind it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

This heat is ridiculous! 

Happy July 4th/3 yr Anniversary

Bryan and I had a very relaxing and uneventful July 4th. With the extreme heat nothing sounded appealing to get out and do and all the local places we wanted to eat at were closed. Bryan did make a very nice dinner for us! Afterwards, Bryan enjoyed eating his favorite ice cream while I watched some of the fireworks out on our driveway.

This photo reminds me of a Supernova

The inner geek in me got so excited about these moon photos.  I have always wanted to be able to take pictures of the moon. I love that our camera has this capability!!