Tuesday, May 29, 2012

16 weeks


Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: Down 3 lbs from last week for a -1 starting weight....I promise I'm eating just fine :)

Symptoms: Felt great all week

Cravings: Iced tea, Olives, Tortilla Soup, salad and fruit. [These are foods I love anyway so not really out of the ordinary]

Aversions: Hamburger meat

Sleep: Sleeping fine with the usual 2 bathroom visits a night and weird dreams.

I am loving:  That my parents may have sold their house and will close at the end of June. ( This will be a big family stress reliever so praying everything goes through smoothly)

I miss: Cold deli sandwiches and cold beer

I am looking forward to: Trip to Florida this Thursday and doctor's appointment next Thursday!

I'm spazzing about:  No spazzing this week. :)

Movements: I've continued to feel those flutters I mentioned before here and there in the same area as before. I still can't tell if it's baby or not but I like to think it is. They aren't normal feelings I get and are always when I'm sitting down.

It's a....: Baby Emerson's gender will be be put in an envelope on June 28th (if baby cooperates) and revealed around September 8th. I haven't had any gut feeling torwards boy or girl yet.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 81st to Gpa White and Happy 24th to Sarah

Happy 24th Sarah! She was in a dancing mood
all evening!

One of if not the best photo we have gotten
of Grandpa White....he loved my Fedora hat
I think we may need to get him a panama hat.

Grandma Webb and Mom (post 2 days out of hospital)

Air plant in terranium globes that grandpa can put in his
front room window sill.

I think they both had a a good time

Mom and Dad's dogs.....Cocoa and Belle

15 weeks

How big is baby this week: 


Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: Gained 3 lbs from last week ( I think I must have overloaded on the carbs, haha) for a total of +2 lbs from original starting weight

Symptoms: Getting a few headaches here and there and I admit I think the baby bump is starting to show. I feel like I all of a sudden just popped out.

Cravings: Olives, Tortilla Soup, BBQ hotdog, and fruit.

Aversions: Hamburger meat

Sleep: Sleeping fine with the usual 2 bathroom visits a night and weird dreams.

I am loving:  That my mother-in law (she's a teacher) found out this upcoming school year they will be implementing a new policy that allows for grandparents to take 5 vacation days for a birth of a grandchild.  Perfect timing! :)

I miss: Cold deli sandwiches and cold beer

I am looking forward to: A quick trip to Florida next weekend to visit my sister, Rebecca and attend my cousin, Amanda's graduation party. So excited to see my Florida family!! (Thanks Bryan for being so cool about letting me go and on short notice!)

I'm spazzing about:  In my mind it's becoming more and more real to me each day that that there is a living baby inside of me (this is not a good or bad statement just a netural wow!). I am having the minor freak out in my head or internal emotional dilemma about the baby bump. I want to look pregnant so people know I'm pregnant but I also don't want to really look pregnant too fast or have too big of a baby bump too early. I know this is silly and everyone is different so when I start showing it will be what's right for my body.

It's a....: Baby Emerson's gender will be be put in an envelope on June 28th (if baby cooperates) and revealed around September 8th. I haven't had any gut feeling torwards boy or girl yet.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Preview of What's to Come...Yikes!

My friend, Denise and I went maternity clothes shopping over our lunch break today.  Denise made me put on the belly bump so I could make sure there was room to grow when trying out shirts. I was less than thrilled and a little freaked out.  It didn't help either when two other co-workers told me once I got back that the belly bump is not even what full term would be like.....yikes!  Anyway, here you go......

I need to start taking actual belly bump pictures soon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

14 weeks

How big is baby this week: 

Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: No change from last week. Down 1 lb from starting weight.
Symptoms: Continuing to feel the thickness around my stomach and slight discomfort in lower stomach and back. Otherwise, I'm feeling good.

Cravings: Not too many cravings this week but probably olives and salads.

Aversions: Nothing is really bothering me at this point. I tried to eat a BBQ hamburger earlier in the week and I could only get about two bites down. It just wasn't appetizing.

Sleep: Sleeping fine with the usual 2 bathroom visits a night. I also have been having weird dreams.

I am loving:  That we got to hear baby's heartbeat and that there is a water birthing tub at the hospital. Love our doctor.

I miss: Deli meat and cold sandwiches. Cold deli sandwiches are probably one of my favorite things to eat and are always a go to item for me. Apparently, deli meat can carry the bacteria listeria.

I am looking forward to: Summer hours and half day Fridays starting next week at work .

I'm spazzing about: Finding comfy clothes to fit in for work. I really just wish I could wear my yoga pants.
I'm not liking how everyone instantly looks at my stomach to see if I'm showing yet. If anything I have a little fat roll sticking out and do not look pregnant.

Movements: I have felt what I would describe as flutters in the same general area the nurse found the baby's heartbeat. I have felt it just a few times and only when sitting down. I'm not exactly sure if it is the baby or not. I have read that most don't feel until weeks later but I have also read that sometimes smaller women do feel the baby earlier. When I know for sure I have felt the baby I will let you know if it was the same type of feeling.

Milestones: Got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. Second Trimester here we go!

It's a....: Baby Emerson's gender will be revealed at the baby shower......no official date has been set but after discussing with my sister we are looking at September 8th as a possibility.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Few Tidbits

  1. I thought it was worth mentioning that Baby E will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family. HOW FUN!!
  2. AND surprisingly will also be the first great-grandchild on 3 out of the 4 grandparent sides.
  3. My mom thinks she wants to be called OMA......I'm not so sure about this ( I am not a fan) hmmm....
  4. With this pregnancy has come a lot of gas....yes...I know a little embarassing (completely normal from what I've read) but hey I'm getting it all out there. The only reason I'm mentioning it is because Bryan find it's utterly disgusting which makes me find it more funny so I don't hold back. :)
  5. Bryan and I are looking at doing a water birth.

Bryan and I had our 13 week checkup today and Baby E was doing well. We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time at a normal rate of 168.  I was super surprised by how small the fetal doppler machine was. I guess from tv I was expecting an ultrasound wand from a big machine but it was a tiny handheld device. The nurse said that the next time we hear the heartbeat it will be much louder so we can try to record it if we want on that visit. We got to meet our doctor for the first time this visit as well. (My mom knew her from working at the hospital and one of my friends used her for her first baby so I knew her somewhat). Bryan and I absolutely loved her! I totally feel so much more calm now going in for delivery. She just geled well with our personalities and with our plan of wanting to do things natural as much as we possibly can. News I was super ecstacic to hear was the hospital finally has their first water birthing tub!! Water birthing has not been a common thing in hospitals in the state of Missouri so we originally were going to plan a water birth at home. Mom and a few friends were not fans of this idea at all, of course just out of concern for baby and me. I am so happy to know this is an option we can do in the hospital, with our doctor, and not have to worry about mom, family and friends being worried about us. They have water birthing classes that we can sign up for around week 22 that also involves a tour of the actual birthing tub. I'm very excited for that.

The next appointment is in four weeks on June 7th and the next ultrasound will be in 7 weeks on June 28th (this will include more baby pics and envelope with baby's gender).

Monday, May 7, 2012

13 weeks

How big is baby this week: 

Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: 1 lb down from starting weight but feel much heavier

Symptoms: Starting to feel some thickness around my stomach, I feel heavier even if it's not showing as much as what I feel. I'm having a little discomfort here and there in my stomach and lower back ( I assume due to stretching inside). Otherwise, I'm feeling good.

Cravings: I was craving a piece of chocolate cake earlier this week thanks to pinterest! I eventually broke down and just made one Sunday night but by the time it was done I wasn't hungry and it was time for bed. I brought it in to work today to share and did enjoy a piece.

Aversions: Same as before. One thing I can't believe I forgot to mention before was the smell of sauteed or fried onions. The smells are getting better and not noticing it as much.

Sleep: Sleeping fine with the addition of the now usual 2 bathroom visits a night.

I am loving:  My VS black yoga pants....so comfy! Also, loving all the cuddle time I've been having with Mosby and Jaxson.

I miss: Really wishing that we could have the Koa Kea  Hawaiian breakfast bar everyday at our house. :)

I am looking forward to: Our doctors appointment this Thursday.

Milestones: At the end of the first trimester this week. Wow, can't believe one down and two to go!

It's a....: Baby Emerson's gender will be revealed at the baby shower......no official date has been set but after discussing with my sister we are looking at September 8th as a possibility.

Additional comments: This past week I got really in to looking at baby items online. I found a crib and dresser/changing table that I really like a lot from Pottery Barn and would fit perfect in the small room that we have. Plus the way it's designed it has bottom storage drawers which will prevent the dogs from getting underneath it.  The bottom of our bed has been destroyed so I definitely want to eliminate that option for them. Bryan has started to research strollers and carseats. He LOVES reasearching things and I'm just too impatient to do that so works out perfectly. :) He found several on craigslist that were highly rated and  reasonably priced. I started several registries online but didn't get very far.....I have no idea what we need. So any blog readers who are moms please send me any items that you definitely would recommend and any items that we definitely don't need and can skip on.

I'm super excited Bryan and I are getting a new camera (Sony A57 DSLR) ....I'm actually picking it up tonight. I've always loved photography and love taking photos so this is something I've always wanted to get at some point. With the baby on the way this will be perfect. I will have several months to learn the camera in and out. I'm sure I'll be practicing on Mosby and Jaxson. ;) It has great picture quality, video and fast action capabilities.