Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthing Class

Bryan and I attended a private birthing class Tuesday evening at BJC-St. Peters. We have done a lot of previous research so I felt a lot of the class was just a refreasher but it was nice to see some visual aids and learn more about the options and processes in case there is an emergency. We were also able to see the room with the birthing tub that we would be using if all goes as planned. Right now we are the only water birth that is scheduled for November.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

33 Weeks

How big is baby this week:  size of a durian (have no idea what that is)!

I had to look it up, it's a fruit from Thailand...
here is some perspective on the sizes.

Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: Approximately 12 lbs will find out at the doctor during Thursday's appointment this week.
Symptoms: Minor low back pain, getting bigger up close to my ribs, I am getting more hunger pains randomly throughout the day and I have to eat ASAP or I feel like I could get sick, and I think I'm starting to have some of the false labor/braxton hicks contractions. My stomach will get VERY tight randomly. Oh I almost forgot, VERY warm at night! I think I might be freezing Bryan and the dogs out at night.
Sleep: No real change in sleeping pattern. Managing with the little wedge pillow I have.
I miss: Nothing specific this week.

I am spazzing about: Picking out crib sheets and decoarting her room! I just can't make up my mind and feel overwhelmed for some reason. I normally don't have this problem when I want to decorate.

I am loving: I've had lots of things to be loving recently! Saturday, I had a free hr long massage at Bryan's office. The massage therapist said she was suprised how well my back felt....I attribute that to Bryan's back adjustments he's been giving me. Saturday afternoon we meet with a doula and things went great! She had some really good info to share with us and fit well with our personalities. I love that Bryan and her know each other and have the same views/outlooks so I know they can work well together to help me. Another major plus, she's offering her services for free. Thursday, last week my friend Stefanie had a spa night at her house which was so much fun and relaxing!  I'm having a love/hate relationship with Mosby coming into our room in the middle of the night and wanting to sleep with us. It's so cute when he comes to my side of the bed and gives me the look can I get up there too. I love it for about the first half hour and then I'm so hot and have hardly any room. Lastly, loving that my mom got to come home Monday night from her 3 weeks in the hospital, finally! I must not forget Bryan's been super awesome too! Oh yes, and the weather! :)

Spa night!
I am looking forward to:Of course looking forward to the birthing class Tuesday night. This is totally not like me I never want to skip fall and move right into winter but this weekend all I could think and get excited about was Chirstmas time. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas and of couse looking forward to baby girl being here and enjoying time with family!

Movements: Baby Girl continues to do lots of moving around. It's been hard at times to determine if it's her moving around or if it's a contraction. When she kicks her feet out I feel like it's so close that I could just grab it.
Milestones: 49 days until due date!

It's a....: GIRL!
Had to post this.....
Auntie Sarah sent super cute outfits to the house.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Basenji Pics

Mosby trying to hide his cookie treat
in the couch.

Jaxson just being a snuggler and wanting
up right next to my belly.

When Bryan goes to the gym in the morning
Mosby instantly will stretch out and take over his spot, too cute!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

32 Weeks

How big is baby this week:  size of a squash!
Due Date: November 13, 2012

Weight Gain: 
Symptoms: A little more intense lower back pain this week but nothing too bad just uncomfortable. At times slight shortness of breath. I forget sometimes and try to do things like I used to and it catches me off guard. Painting my toenails is not as easy anymore...I got the job done but I for sure could not bend to touch my toes like before. My belly button is normally an "innie" and has not popped out yet but has become more of a straight horizontal line instead of a circle. I also have a very faint linea nigra, the line that goes down the middle of the stomach. WARNING: the following information may be TMI for some readers so skip to the next topic :) (since I use this as my own personal pregnancy journal I want to make sure I put everything down) For those fellow female readers that are curious...... last night I had two sypmtoms occur that for some reason took me a little by surprise. I had some bright red spotting (which was like whoa since haven't seen that in like 8 months) well, it looks like I got the third trimester internal hemorrhoids. It actually made me mad after I realized it.  I guess I felt like I had done something wrong to make me get them. Then during the middle of the night there was a slight wet spot next to me that got narrowed down pretty quick to a leaky breast....sigh I guess I better get used to that.
Sleep: I must be getting used to the lack of continuous sleep I've been able to make it work with my little wedge pillow that goes underneath my belly for support.
I miss: I think I missed my non pregnancy clothes the most this week. I'm starting to not like the pregnancy panels in the maternity pants. I would love to just throw on my regular pair of jeans for the day.

I am spazzing about: Anxious for mom to get better and out of the hospital! The beginning of the week I started to worry about all the things we still needed to get for baby girl but by the end of the weekend I felt like Bryan and I worked really well together to get some of the remaining items on the list. I'm feeling like we are pretty prepared or at least getting there. Getting semi nervous about what contractions will feel like.

I am loving: All the little girl clothes I see...I'm being good and only buying cheap or on clearance items and not going overboard.
I am looking forward to: I got approved for our work from home program so starting this week I will be  working from home on Wednesdays. I'm also looking forward to being off the next 5 Fridays!

Movements: Baby Girl had her most active week yet doing flips and moving around so much during the day while I was at work. It's nice to feel her move so I know she's doing okay but there were a couple times I wanted to tell her it was time to take a nap, haha!
Milestones: It's already that time that I needed to apply for short term disability at work and contact Aetna to get a claim started. Everything is set to go for now.   According to the
  • She's getting ready for her descent -- she's likely in the head-down position now.

  • Bryan and I are meeting with a doula (chiropractic friend of Bryan's) this weekend who has offered her services for free.

    It's a....: GIRL!

    Monday, September 10, 2012

    31 Weeks

    Whoa we are down to single digit weeks left!
    How big is baby this week:  size of a pineapple, my favorite!
    Due Date: November 13, 2012
    Weight Gain: 8.5 lbs from starting weight

    Symptoms: Lower back pain at times, hip pain when I sleep, and tend to be really restless I feel like I have to be up doing something since it's more comfortable to be moving about.
    Sleep: I had the two best nights of sleep in a long time Saturday night and Sunday night! I think I must have just been exhausted from all the fun weekend festivities!

    I miss: Staying comfortable, having a drink here and there, my non pregnancy clothes
    I am spazzing about: Just want mom to get better and out of the hospital!
    I am loving: Loved everything about our shower that was this past weekend. My sister did an amazing job putting everyting together. I loved every bit of it minus mom not being there. Many thanks to all who helped set up and for all who came out to celebrate such a fun time for us!

    I am looking forward to: Our birthing class in two weeks.  
    Movements: Baby E continues move a lot!

  • Baby's going through major brain, nerve, and eye development. The irises now react to light and all five senses are in working order!

  • My new favorite addition to the baby room...........

    I love this light fixture we got from IKEA.
    Thanks to Becca for picking it up for us in Orlando.
     And for Bryan, his dad, Becca, and Carey for helping to get it all set up.
    It's a....: GIRL!

    First Baby Girl purchase!

    Video Boy or Girl??

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    30 Weeks

    How big is baby this week:  size of cucumber! Can't believe that baby could be between the size of 2.5 and 3.8 lbs

    Due Date: November 13, 2012

    Weight Gain: Forgot doctor's appointment is on Monday, September 10th will update then.

    Symptoms: Lower back pain at times, hip pain when I sleep, and tend to be really restless I feel like I have to be up doing something since it's more comfortable to be moving about.
    Cravings: My favorite thing this week has been green apples.

    Sleep: I've been managing; have some good and some bad days.

    I miss: Sitting and laying comfortably.
    I am spazzing about: Right now just praying that my mom can make it to the shower on Saturday. She got what we thought was the flu over the weekend but she actually has C-diff. Last I knew mom had went into the ER this morning and was administered to ICU hopfully they can get her rehydrated and treat the c-diff/asthma quick. I just know she'll be so upset and disappointed if she's not able to make it.

    I am looking forward to: Of course I am looking forward to and super excited about the baby shower this weekend and finding out if we are having a little girl or boy. :)  
    Movements: Baby E continues to be active. In a meeting this morning baby moved the entire hour and I noticed for the first time how you can see the movements go across my stomach or protrude out some so different from the just poking. I think it was extra noticeable in my bright-tight sequined top I was wearing!

    Milestones: Bryan and I met with two different friends this weekend to discuss birth stories and specific items to remember when trying to give birth naturally. Both talks were very helpful. We also have a private birthing class set up for September 25 with a doula at the hospital who specializes in water birthing. We may end up hiring her for the birth depending on how our meeting goes with her. We also got the crib and dresser set up this weekend! The room is starting to come together.
    It's a....: Boy or Girl??

    Finally the last week of not knowing....only 4 more days!