Friday, February 8, 2013

Post-Baby 3 Months

How big is baby: At a little over three months old Addie is fitting into size 0-3 months perfectly. My guess is she is in the 10-11 lb range right now.

Weight Gain/loss: I was very blessed and got back to pre-baby weight and a few less within several weeks after birth. However, since I am hungry all the time and keep eating I’m sure I put a few back on.

Cravings: Addie eats about every 1.5-3 hours. Momma feels like she is hungry ALL of the time! I guess that comes with breastfeeding. Momma also can’t seem to kick her sweet tooth habit.

Very tight shoulders, some back pain, and tired.

Sleep:  I would say we finally have a pretty good routine down for sleeping. Addie really is a good sleeper. She only cries when she’s hungry and understands that it’s nighttime and she’s supposed to go to sleep. We do co-sleep most of the time which is what works best for us. I love how Addie nuzzles right next to me. Having the nursing night light helps a ton too! She’s soo cute, when we get up to change her diaper in the night she instantly will wake up and start smiling at us and as soon as we go back to bed she goes back to sleep instantly.

I miss: More than 2-3 hrs of sleep at a time, being able to run errands really quick, and miss seeing baby girl while I’m at work.

I am loving: How Addie is such a happy girl and we love listening to her talk all the time! She tries so hard to say real words.

I am looking forward to: This weekend my friend Carey is coming in town to meet Addie! And Saturday we are going to do her 3 month/Valentine’s Day photos!  Stay tuned I will post pics soon or keep an eye out on Facebook.

Movements: Addie LoVeS kicking her legs all the time. When she starts walking we are in trouble! ;)

Milestones:  She hasn’t done it yet but she is soo close to rolling over from back to front and front to back. She just needs that little extra umph to move that final bit.

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  1. I love her so much and I LOVE seeing my girl being a mommy and loving it!